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Metroplex women care provides quality health care and ob-gyn services. Located in Rockwall TX and servicing the entire surrounding cities. A short drive to Rockwall is not much for good Healthcare and peace of mind.


Why choose Metroplex women care?


Cutting edge gynecology services

Gynecology services are essential to all women. Unfortunately, many women do not know where they can obtain a quality gynecologist  within their neighborhood. If you live in Rockwall, TX or a surrounding city; you need not worry any more. Metroplex women care is the perfect choice for you. Among the gynecology services provided by our doctors office include breast examination, pelvic examination, pap smear and the evaluation of menstrual history and current lifestyle



There are many factors that determine the probability of having a healthy baby. At Metroplex women care we are aware of this. We offer prenatal, delivery and postpartum services. On prenatal we aim at offering a good diet to the mothers and advising on the essence of exercise among mothers. On delivery, we offer cesarean birth options and on postpartum services we offer our patients dieting services and advice on vaginal healing.


STD testing in Rockwall

TX STD's have destroyed many relationships and lives. At Metroplex, we offer STD testing services. We also treat some sexually transmitted diseases


Menopause specialists

Menopause, is bound to occur to every woman at one point in their life. There are several changes that are associated with the commencement of menopause that include urine leakage during sneezing and breast tenderness. We are aware of these changes, and we have hormones that can reduce the impacts of menopause effects.


Say yes to a healthier you by visiting Metroplex women care health center in Rockwall, TX today.



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