Office Surgery

One Friday each month an anesthesiologist brings in his crew of nurses and a mobile Operating Room to our office. Typically we complete between 5 to 8 office surgeries that day.

Transportation to the office is not available so, please have someone able to drive you to our office and home. An IV is given as well as IV sedation for procedures; this will allow you to sleep during your brief procedure. Once the procedure is complete, you can wake up quickly from the sedative and can then be driven home by your driver.

Common Procedures

  • Endometrial Ablations (treats the inside lining of the uterus eliminating or reducing menstrual blood flow) such as Novasure and HTA.

  • ESSURE (permanent birth control)

  • LEEP (loop electrocautery excision procedure) for pre-cancer cells on the cervix

  • Dilation and Curettage (D&C) in select cases.